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Engage your audience
with magic moments

Fundo helps you host virtual interactive events so you can connect with your audience whenever and wherever you want.

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Direct engagement

Get closer to your audience with customized video chat experiences.

Any device, anywhere

Your audience can join events from their phones or computers, no matter where they are.

Ticket sales made easy

Choose your ticket prices and track your earnings on Fundo Creator Central.

Connect like never before.

Experience the magic of face-to-face interaction with your audience online.

Meet & Greet

Build Community

Meet & Greet is an exclusive live chat where each fan gets a chance to talk to you in a group setting. Create connections and find out what matters to your fans.


Photo Booth

Make Memories

Photo Booth is a unique one-on-one video chat with a built-in "selfie" camera. Each fan gets a photo (with your custom frame) to keep and share. It's a great way to meet fans individually and boost your brand.