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Meet & Greet

On Fundo, you have the chance to meet your favorite creator from anywhere, using your phone or computer! The virtual meet & greet sessions are a video chat between you, a small group of other fans, and the creator.

When it’s your turn, you can talk to the creator and ask questions! And even when it’s not your turn, you can watch and listen to the other fans ask their questions.

Events on Fundo can be very popular. Please try to be patient. The creator will get to everyone.

A few tips on how our lineup system works:

When the event begins you will get a link to a chatroom where your event will take place. Your place in line is assigned when you first enter that chatroom.

Once you have a place in line, if you decide to leave and come back it will not affect your position. You don't have to keep your phone open while you wait.

You can live chat us here, or email us at support@fundo.town.